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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

How We Help

Our sole purpose is to help credit unions effectively engage their existing members and attract new ones.

We work with you, your board and your marketing team to access and use the right marketing tools to build stronger relationships with your members — all in one platform.

Promote your credit union and grow membership with effective, professionally designed emails out of our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution.

Regardless of your size, you can stand out and stand toe-to-toe with your competition.

Ask us how a CRM can deliver for you!


CRM is an integrated platform that will help you keep in touch with your members.  With built-in triggers for keeping in touch with your members on a consist basis

Your membership list is retained by you within your own data repository, not on a third-party cloud service.

Here are some of the things you get with CRM.

  • Contact Management
  • Daily Dashboard
  • Task Management
  • Automated Data Capture
  • Reporting
  • Integration with Marketing Automation
  • Email Integration

Keeping Track of Members

One of the primary reasons companies decide to adopt a CRM is to keep better track of customer and prospect touches.

CRM automatically logs calls made and emails sent from the system, and posts them in a timeline-like view on a contact’s record page:

We also offer training, installation, and support for your staff to help you get started.