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How We Help

Are you your Marketing department?  Do you use a part-time marketing person?  Is your marketing department a single marketing person?

If you said yes to any of these, you need to talk to us about Safeguard.  We help make your marketing effort more effective, more efficient.

Safeguard is your ultimate marketing continuity insurance in the event you lose your marketing resource.

Does your marketing team use only the tools they know or do they know and adapt to the best tools available to drive efficiency and member engagement?  Are they able to deploy those digital tools?

Depending on your answers, you should talk to us about Safeguard.

Ask us how Safeguard can work for you.


Safeguard starts with us providing a strategic overview of the marketing tools you are currently using.  We provide you with an assessment of what digital marketing tools you could be using to increase marketing efficiency and improve member engagement effectiveness.

Safeguard is a retained service where we work with you and your board to implement your strategic plan by working with your marketing team.

Taking advantage of Safeguard allows you to call upon us to step in if you lose your internal marketing resource.

If you are your marketing department, you can outsource to us through Safeguard.  You’ll save valuable time each week, each month!

Design Your Message

We are professional marketers and marketing technologists. You can choose to use Safeguard as your total outsource marketing solution.  We work with you and your board to make sure your brand, your messaging and your member engagement is effective, purposeful and professional.

We also offer design services so we can get you started.